Oct 1st 2011
yesssss people i know this weeks  update is late  last weeks  was  early .. whats a  busy  girl to do ? any free  assistants out there lol 
but all is for  reasons ... today  i  have a  full  day and ill be  shooting  3  new  girls  that is  if they show  up lol   you  never  know .. but  with any luck if they do im going to try a few new  things and try to spice it  up a  bit ... i  have a few movies back logged   but i dident think i would want to wait a week to  put one of tese movies from today so i promise sometime  by the 2nd there  will be something new to keep  the blood flowing where it  should :}
always open to suggestions and simple  movie ideas .. feel free to email me at hotlips18347@yahoo.com
 also within the next few weeks ill be back in fl trying to set  up a shoot  with miss chrissy daniels again if theres any intrests  with  customs  with her please let me know